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Travel Essentials



a)      Time: Singapore is having the time 08 hours ahead of GMT (GMT: +08:00 hours).


b)      Language: With the national language being Malay, the 4 official languages of Singapore are Malay, Mandarin, Tamil, and English.


c)       Weather: Without a fixed climate, there are only two seasons for Singapore and they are wet and dry as it is close to the Equator. Usually, the Dry season is from March to August and wet season is from September to February.


d)      Currency: Currency used is Singapore Dollars.


e)      Clothing: Being a hot and humid country all the 365 days, a neat casual dress is more suitable as the Singapore natives are usually having the neat and clean outfit. Light weight clothes with natural fabrics linen, cotton and silk which include Jeans and tees or tops that may pat dry quickly are more preferred. Some restaurants accept only people who are very well dressed in formals even if it is a business or personal needs for the visit.


f)       Voltage: The voltage supplied at Singapore is 220 volts, 50 Hz and if the equipment held during the visit is not having the same voltage numerations use the suitable adapter or power transformer (Power Plugs) instead of direct plugging. British BS1363 three-pronged square pin socket type is used in Singapore.


g)      Cuisine: Tastes with diverse and traditional elements from various ethnic groups due to the history of large seaport fills the kitchen in Singapore Cuisines. The Cuisines filled with the Malay taste that is influenced by the native Malays and the largest ethnic group, the Chinese, as well as Indonesian, Indian, Peranakan, and Western traditions and from Sri Lanka, Thailand and the Middle East may also have changed the Singapore style of cooking along with international conglomerations of tastes and styles.


h)      Visa: Singapore offers the visit to country either without a visa or a pre-obtained visa in some cases. Around 80% of travelers around the world travel to Singapore with a period of 30 days to 90 days. The 35 countries which require the visa to Singapore are categorized under the countries eligible for electronic visa and countries that need the full visa from Singaporean embassy or consulate. All visitors to Singapore must have a valid passport or travel document with a validity period of 6 months and also a return ticket along with money to be spent in Singapore. They must be able to convince the Immigration officer that they will return back to home country after the visit to the country and also must have the entry facilities to a next or native country.