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Travel Essentials



a)      Time: Dubai time is 4 hours ahead of GMT (GMT: +04:00 hours).


b)      Language: The official language of UAE is Arabic but English is the most spoken language in the country. Along with the Arabic language, people speaking Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Tagalog, Persian, Chinese, Malayalam, in addition to many other languages are also found in the UAE.


c)       Weather: Dubai really feels only 2 conditions of climate i.e. hot and hotter climate. But the best time to visit Dubai is November to March and it is during the winter the blue skies and primo weather is experienced with the top season for tourist visit and to see the rush Jumeirah beach.


d)      Currency: Currency in Dubai is Dirham.


e)      Clothing: There is no special dress code for Dubai and the main objective must be to wear dresses that are not seeing through. The public places, malls, aquarium, markets, cinemas, on the street, on the road, cars, etc have the basic dress code which is descent and not see through. The mall or public place entry after swimming pool or beach baths, the dress must be changed from swim suits to normal wears and the same applies in the case of Gym too. There is no such restriction at home. All the inner wears should be covered and invisible at all times.


f)       Voltage: The electrical current is 230 volts, 50 Hz


g)      Cuisine: The Arab cuisine is having a cosmopolitan menu which includes the international and native items in this modern world. Even though the Levantine food is being Emirati/Khaleej, shawarma, hummous, tabboulehs, and mixed grill, with similar characteristics, are recently added to the menu but not the having a complete justice to the soul food of Emirati menu.


Visa: Travelers to UAE must have a visa prior to the travel to the country unless they travel from any of the visa excused countries or from a country which is eligible for on arrival visa. All must have a passport valid for 6 months. All citizens who are from the member nations of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) can move inside the UAE and the Schengen area, while the citizens from New Zealand and Seychelles can have visited up to 90 days without visa limits. Nationals of 15 others countries have the permission for 30 days visa on arrival to UAE