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Globes Travel was incorporated in the year 2004 as destination Management Company specializing in offering tailor-made tour packages. At Globes Travel, we follow personalized approaches to help discerning travellers enjoy their journey to the fullest. We give more focus on the South Asian regions, especially India, Maldives and Sri Lanka. Our tour consultants with the right experience and expertise understand your needs and help in planning an ideal itinerary and executing your travel requirements meeting your expectations.
With the right passion and high-degree professionalism, we are dedicated to providing you with both pre-scheduled and customized holiday packages that guarantee an incredible travel experience. We boast of being the best travel agency in India owing to the state-of-the-art facilities and top-notch amenities we offer our customers and thereby earning 100% clientele satisfaction.
What makes us special?

Personalised Planning:
Every tourist has their-own travel requirements. Our staffs is well-trained to understand the concerns of our customers, analyze the needs, and execute them with higher precision. Well- seasoned professionals working with Globes Travel design ideal itineraries based on themes that enable tourists to enjoy their best possible experience of India, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, and the Maldives.
We treat every one of our guests as special and our intention is to create custom design trips, which give the customer the best possible experience of India. We design itineraries based on themes, which you would find most enjoyable. Our expertise includes travel in North and South India as well as Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Middle –East and Fareast. Our friendly staff will use their expertise and knowledge of India to guide you through the decision-making process of planning your journey. Relaxation, sightseeing or just getting away from it all – Globes Travel is at your service. We value ‘customer as king’ and great hospitality is what you can expect from us.
 Unique Accommodations 
Feel the pulse of India by staying in a palace, charming local houseboat in Kerala or a plantation bungalow in Coorg. We choose hotels, which offer the highest level of service, comfort, and style; yet reflect the unique architecture and ambiance of the local region.
Our travel consultants have visited all of our accommodations personally and selected the ones, which best suit our customers. These regal properties offer the highest levels of comfort and luxury giving you the opportunity to live life like a king!
We are committed to offering top-notch accommodation facilities that help you to feel the real pulse of each destination. Let it be magnificent palaces, captivating houseboats, or even thrilling tree houses. Offering the highest levels of comfort and luxury, we also provide provision for our guests to stay in leading hotels that best suit your individual needs.
 Well-seasoned local Travel consultants and personnel: 
Our guests will be accompanied by personally certified guides who have in-depth knowledge of the rich culture, tradition, and lifestyle of every destination. Local tour managers hired by Globes Travel are multilingual staff and have immense experience in the travel and tourism domain.
Remarkable Customer Service: 
Our friendly staff solely focuses on offering excellent customer service from the time you enquire about tour packages to executing a secured and memorable journey and ensuring that you safely return home.
 Hassle-Free Travel: 
As a complete international tour agency, Globes Travel is dedicated to offering a full range of services like booking flight tickets, obtaining visas, arranging travel insurance, providing safe transportation facilities and personalized travel guides to make your trip a grand success.
Organized Itineraries: 
Our inspiring itineraries are designed based on diverse trip themes including adventure cruising, wildlife expeditions, food exploration, etc. We also create a stunning range of trip themes perfect for you to explore different places like never before.