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About Us

Globes travel makes travel carefree for the tourist taking care of everything and leaving him only one job to do-enjoy. For us at Globes, travel is a way of life. Each journey is an experience to understand the culture, the characteristic in Indian sub continent & the other destinations we promote. Passionate as we are about the work we do, we assure that you are provided the perfect travel experiences. Headquartered at Cochin in India, Globes has offices in Kolkatta and New Delhi. We have associates in Middle East and South East Asia who ensure that you are given professional service wherever you travel with us.

At Globes, we derive satisfaction by living up to your expectations. Always, we sense your dreams about a journey and design exclusive packages that leave you with memorable experiences. We have the expertise to provide maximum advantages within your budget. Travel, transport, sight seeing, stay or food, we make you comfortable in all aspects Always we give only exclusive avenues of stay. Heritage hotels, Palace hotels, Boutique hotels, Bungalows, Home stays - with a family- and packages to experience rustic life etc. It's quite different from the conventional hotel concepts. To top all we are confident of the facilities and services at the hotels we recommend. For the on road travel, we give you the top of the line vehicles and services, we appoint only qualified guides-from the respective region - with soft skills to ensure authentic experiences of a destination. No doubt, all our itineraries are an ideal blend of varied experiences based on customer's preferences. Today, we build success on customer satisfaction because 90% of our business comes through customer references.

At Globes, we believe that any sort of development or activity should be in lieu with Nature, i.e, sustainable. Also, any tourist activity should not alienate the original residents of an area which means that it should be sensitive and responsible to people and culture of a region. We promote destinations only after ensuring that no harm is done to the real life in the region. We even go a step further by involving the people as guides, buying handicrafts and organizing activities that take the tourist into the heart of the land of the land he visits. Nature also is deemed sacred by us and we try to promote eco tourism and green consciousness through our packages. Our associates also work towards the common goal of lessening pollution, maintaining the delicate balance in Nature

Loyalty Programs
We have several interesting and attractive loyalty packages that make holidaying and traveling with Globes all the more appealing. The incentive packages for the travelers who choose us many times over are favourably crafted to the likes of the individual customer. One can avail these against accrued loyalty points earned from multiple journeys.Get in touch with us to know more.


Incase if you would like to have further assistance from us or just want to discuss your travel plans for your next trip please do give us a call.