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Travel Essentials



a)      Time: Nepal time is 5 hours and 45 minutes ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+05:45HRS).


b)      Language: Official language of Nepal is Nepali.


c)       Weather: There are 4 distinct climates in Nepal that are influenced by the maritime and continental factors. Spring season is from March to May with rain showers at around 22°C temperature and summer is from June to August. When the monsoon starts, the lush green hills are seen around the Nepal.


d)      Currency: Nepalese Rupee is the currency of Nepal.


e)      Clothing: The men and women in Nepal have equal prominence in dressing in Nepal. Men should never go out with bare chest unless the time of bath. Lungi which can be easily worn with suitable style is also available at all textile garments in Nepal. Always a shirt or t-shirt must be worn by men and ladies prefer to wear the long skirt or mid calf length dress.


f)       Voltage: The electric voltage supply is 230 volts with C & D plugs and to use US appliances, the voltage converter is needed. For any voltage use, a universal adapter is more suitable.


g)      Cuisine: Nepal cuisine according to the geographical and cultural diversity of the country is having their cuisine based upon ethnicity and also on the soil and climate.


h)      Visa: The foreign tourists are granted to visit Nepal using tourist visa with a maximum period of 150 days in a visa year. Each visit for each visa year must be done through separate visa even if the person has departed before the completion of granted time period in the existing visa year. If the person enters Nepal during the visa year ending time, then he can spend the remaining period in the same visa issued for the other visa year where the fees for the stay period shall be based on the total period of his/her stay.