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Travel Essentials



a)      Time: Local time in Vietnam is 07 hours ahead of GMT (GMT: +07:00 hours).


b)      Language: Vietnamese is the official language of Vietnam.


c)       Weather: Hanoi and North Vietnam have the summer and winter season which is cool but dry winter lasts from November to April with average temperature of 17-22°C and coldest season from January to March. May to October is the summer season with the highest rainfall even when it is hot and humid.


d)      Currency: Vietnamese Dong is the currency in Vietnam.


e)      Clothing: Comfortable yet conservative dressing is preferred at Vietnam. Pagoda which is a piece of history will not allow shorts or old T-shirts and only conservative yet occasional dressing is preferred here. Also if a local home is getting visited, shoes or boots have to be removed and kept back near the door. It is also preferred not to wear short to local fish markets.

f)       Voltage: Vietnam is standardizing the 220 volts electric power; there are even now 127 volts outlets at Vietnam. Electric supply in Vietnam is 220 volts, 50 Hz and if the device carried will not accept 220 volts, there need to have a voltage converter for making it compatible.


g)      Cuisine: Vietnamese cuisine always combines taste with a fragrance and colour along with a balanced diet rule. Vietnamese always serves their dishes such that they include 5 fundamental tastes spicy (metal), sour (wood), bitter (fire), salty (water) and sweet (Earth) which offers a healthy balanced diet for each who have it.


h)      Visa: Visitors are requested to obtain the visa from Vietnamese diplomatic mission or through an agency on arrival if they are from any of the Visa exempt countries. A valid passport for 6 moths must be there with the travelers.