Welcome to the Mangalore cruise port guide. With 500.000 inhabitants Mangalore is one of the largest cities in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is a city believed to have been build in the 10th century. Over the centuries this area has created a whole new identity for itself. Snakes hold a very special place in Mangalore society. It was worshiped, because they associate snakes with power and respect. Although you won’t find he snakes at every corner of the street you might want to keep your eyes open for them at the temples. Changes are one of the first things you will see as soon as the ship is docked: eagles. They live here in large numbers and Mangalore is known for their high population. Mangalore is also one  of the fastest developing cities in India. Many multinational cooperations and huge development projects are drawn to this city. It is also known under the nickname “the cradle of education”. This is because there are tons of school to find in Mangalore: engineering, medical, dental, MBA, hotel management etc. you will find them all in the city of Mangalore.Mangalore is a prominent port city of India which receives innumerable international cruises every year. This coastal city is a major commercial centre as well. Besides this, Mangalore is known for housing amazing natural beauty in the form of beaches, rivers, mesmerizing countryside, hill parks, and gardens. Apart from the natural grandeur, Mangalore is exquisitely adorned with brilliantly architected churches and divinely designed temples. Mangalore have some of the most fascinating temples whose divine beauty you can behold during this excursion. We will let you get the best of Mangalore within the duration of your stay in India. Not just Mangalore, you’ll get to visit nearby destination which houses amazing wonders to allure tourists. After reaching the port of call we will accompany you throughout the tour and takes you to the best places of Mangalore. We endow you the best of services and take proper care throughout from picking you up from the port of call to dropping you to the dock. You’ll surely get an enchanting and most awe inspiring experience of vacations in India via our exceptional shore excursions.